Hey! I'm Jim

I'm an award-winning architect and remodeling expert, a former college professor, and a bestselling author dedicated to helping homeowners Remodel With Confidence.

Hey! I'm Jim

I'm an award-winning architect and remodeling expert, a former college professor, and a bestselling author dedicated to helping homeowners Remodel With Confidence.


Even as a kid playing with Legos I wanted to be an architect and to design people's dreams.


Well, I now own three architectural degrees and an architecture license.


Showing families what's possible, and how it will make their lives better every day is amazing!


I taught on the architecture faculty at Texas A&M while obtaining my PhD.


I always thought I would enjoy teaching. I loved it. Helping people grasp a new idea is priceless.


Now I have the opportunity to teach homeowners to master the remodeling process.


I started design-build remodeling to remedy my biggest 'flaw' - poor estimating skills.


I fell in love with remodeling. Nothing I know is more rewarding than helping families improve their lives by improving their homes.


Not one of my many awards come close to a heartfelt "thank you" from a happy homeowner.


Before I could build my online remodeling course and help homeowners across the country - I had to organize my information. How better to do that than by writing a book?


The book continues to be a #1 bestseller on Amazon and help thousands of families each year to remodel with confidence.

Remodeling Guide & Mentor

All I ever wanted to do was to help families live a better life with my help. With my innovative, online remodeling course, I can help homeowners anywhere remodel successfully.


Remodeling Success Blueprint gives homeowners a simple, proven approach to remodeling that saves them lots of money, eliminates costly mistakes, reduces stress, and gives each student the confidence to coordinate their dream project.

Jim Molinelli

the "Remodeling Professor"

  • Author of the #1 bestseller "Remodel!"

  • Ph.D. in Architecture

  • Licensed Residential Architect since '86

  • Design-Build Remodeler for 25 years

  • Architecture Professor at Texas A&M

  • Creator of Remodeling Success Blueprint online class

  • 50+ Architecture & Remodeling Awards

  • Recipient of the Maryland Governor's Citation (twice)

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Media Bio/Info

Jim Molinelli is an award-winning architect and remodeling expert who empowers homeowners to successfully remodel their homes and their lives. Since obtaining his PHD, Jim won more than 50 design and remodeling awards and twice received the Governor’s Citation.


Jim in the creator of the groundbreaking online course Remodeling success Blueprint. He also wrote the #1 bestseller Remodel Without Going Bonkers or Broke which also won the Gold Medal from Reader's Favorite in 2017.


Jim has been interviewed and quoted in The Washington Times, Remodeling Magazine, and the Baltimore Sun, among others. His work has been featured in Chesapeake Home + Living, Builder Architect Magazine, and on HOUZZ.com.

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Featured in:

Jim Molinelli - The Remodeling Professor

This interview with James Woodham aired on his esteemed industry podcast Property Renovation Podcast on 1/20/19. The wide-ranging interview explores the idea of "Selecting Your Ideal Remodeler".


7 Insider Tips for Finding a Contractor When Everyone is Racing to Renovate Their Homes

This article by Jamie Wiebe (7/2/18) features a number of tips and comments by Jim that help readers find the "right" remodeler!


The article appears on Remodeler.com. You can read it HERE.

Airy and Earthy: A drab bathroom gets a thoughtful makeover

This article by Julekha Dash (1/25/15) features one of Jim's original designs for a custom master bathroom that had just won a major local remodeling award. Article includes a link to the photo gallery. The article appeared in both the Baltimore Sun and Chesapeake Home magazine.


You can read the original article HERE.

Cover Feature - Award-winning project

This 2014 award-winning project for a whole-home remodel (including the kitchen and the sunroom addition shown in the photo) was also featured inside, detailing the award it won. This was the February 2015 issue.


The homeowners were students in my live "Prepare to Remodel" class and had this to say: "Jim was professional, respectful, and pleasant throughout the entire process, and his cost estimates proved to be very accurate."


The magazine sadly closed their doors during 2016.

Images of the project, and it's story can be seen HERE.

Sales Aid or Hindrance?: How Remodelers Are Using the Cost vs. Value Report in the Slow Economy

I was one of three remodelers they had write a short piece on how we used their revolutionary annual report on Cost Versus Value in remodeling. (11/8/2010)


You can see the digital page of the original article HERE.

A 2nd unrelated use of this post can be found HERE.

Shop Talk: Cool tools, great books, and news you can use.

This regular column featured my book Remodel Without Going Bonkers or Broke. Anne Hammock (3/24/17) accurately represents the book's content and closes with this quote calling Remodel!: "the missing link between your remodeling ideas and the finished product".


You can find this article and read it HERE.

Sprucing to sell, but how much to do?

This Home & Living Section cover article by Lisa Rauschart (1/7/11) delves into the title subject. Jim was one of the experts interviewed and quoted in the piece.


You can read the original article HERE.

From tract to treasure: An Epping Forest home transformation

The story of a unique remodeling project I collaborated on, and for which I won a design and remodeling awards for the interior staircase solution. (11/21/14)


You can find and read the original article HERE.


This was published in the Sunday Sun's Real Estate section.

Make a decision to make your move with a book. (Podcast Episode 12)

Host Kathryn Kemp Guylay invited me on her podcast to discuss the process of writing my particular book, and the motivations for writing it. A lively discussion ensued with several "fun nuggets" extracted to help influencers understand how a book can propel them further ahead on their entrepreneurial journey. Posted in July 2017.


You can listen to the podcast HERE.

Successful promotion of a paperback book. (Podcast Episode 24)

Jyotsna Ramachandran welcomed me to her author-preneur based podcast to discuss my author's journey. We then spent time on book promotion strategies designed to increase sales of my paperback book to help it reach #1 on Amazon. Tips include careful pricing and promoting the digital book compared with the print book, and careful selection of book list categories. (5/9/17)


You can listen to the podcast here HERE.

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