You can
Remodel with Confidence

and Peace Of Mind.

Online classes for homeowners planning to hire professional remodelers.

Eliminate Mistakes

Save Your Money

Love Your Results

Don't waste your money when you remodel.

Nobody can afford:


 cost overruns

  poor-quality results

 ending up in a lawsuit


So, who can you trust?

Remodeling is complex enough without these costly mistakes.

You can remodel right.

I will teach you how.

Jim Molinelli         The Remodeling Professor

Don't guess. Don't gamble. Never place your investment and your family at risk.


My expert, unbiased classes help you improve your home and improve your life.

Your successful remodeling project starts today. 

My confidence is sky-high now. I'm so excited about planning my project I could burst.


Terrica Simmons

Hernando, MS

Jim, your ability to clearly explain the steps in the process eliminated my fear of becoming overwhelmed and "freaking out".

Cheryl Smith

Victorville, CA

Every day when I walk in there, I fall in love with my new kitchen all over again."


Caroline Bodziak

Ellicott City, MD



Choose the Quick Class that's right for you.

Each online QUICK CLASS  video thoroughly answers one of these common remodeling questions:

  •          1  Who should I hire and why?
  •          2  How do I interview remodelers?
  •          3  How do I get my best deal?

If you ask any of these questions QUICK CLASSES are for you.


These online video classes are hosted in the cloud so you can watch whenever you like, from wherever you are, and view them on any device!

Cheap. Complete. Quick.

In UNDER 1 HOUR you learn to...

Find Your Ideal Remodeler

You can't hire the WRONG REMODELER and expect to get the RIGHT RESULTS.

Learn how to identify the ideal remodeler for your unique project and budget.


Choosing the RIGHT
contractor is critical.

Interview Your Remodelers

You've made a short list of the best remodelers for your project and budget.



How do you interview them?

What do you ask them?

How can you compare them?

What makes one better than another?

Negotiate Your Best Deal

NEVER ask a remodeler to
"sharpen their pencil".


Learn these proven, insider techniques. Then you can negotiate with your chosen remodeler to get the best deal possible.


It's EASIER than you think!

Free when you take any Quick Class

PREPARE to remodel...

Learn to:

  • Create your unique Project Packet
  • Refine your project 'vision' & share it
  • Set a realistic project budget
  • Easily organize all your project details
  • Clearly communicate with your pros
  • Define 'success' for your project
  • Distinguish between 'needs' and 'wishes'

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