Dramatically Improve Your Renovation Results


5 Insider Remodeling Secrets

Never again worry about:

  • fearing the remodeling process

  • feeling overwhelmed by details

  • making costly mistakes

  • getting poor quality results

  • hiring a shady contractor

  • losing control of your project

  • getting the project you envision

Now, get results you'll love!

Cheryl Smith

"Jim's uncanny ability to clearly explain the steps in the process eliminated my fear of becoming overwhelmed and "freaking out".

Elenah Kangara

"How would you like to have your own personal remodeling mentor?
That's Jim Molinelli."

Diane Buck

"We had 2 contractors bid on our kitchen remodel and both have been blown away by how prepared we were... Thanks Jim!"

Jim Molinelli

the "Remodeling Professor"


  Thinking about remodeling your home can be scary and intimidating.


I teach homeowners like you a simple, step-by-step process to take control of your renovation projects...


...to identify, interview, and work with the very best available professionals...


...and achieve successful results that you are proud to show off and enjoy.

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