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Of these 4 situations,

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Situation 1

It's all about the money...

I have no idea what projects cost. Will they add enough value to my home? Cost overruns worry me - how can I guard against them?

Situation 2

Remodeling seems overwhelming.

I have no idea who to call and what to do. I'm worried I could make a costly mistake. I'd like to have a step-by-step process to follow.

Situation 3

What if I select the WRONG company?

I can't afford a significant mistake, or a poor result. I have no idea how to find high-quality remodelers to interview for my project.

Situation 4

Will the end result be what I envision?

I want a result that is high-quality and looks good too -- but the project must also fulfill all my needs. How can I get the project that I envision?

Elenah Kangara

"How would you like to have your own personal remodeling mentor?
That's Jim Molinelli."

Dr. Marlena Corcoran

"People terrified of being "ripped off" by remodelers are going to love this!"

Cheryl Smith

"Jim's uncanny ability to clearly explain the steps in the process eliminated my fear of becoming overwhelmed and "freaking out".


Hi! I'm Jim Molinelli

"the Remodeling Professor"


I am an award-winning architect and remodeling expert with over three decades in the industry. My remodeling designs have won more than 50 awards, and I twice received the Governor’s Citation for Meritorious Service. I wrote and published the bestseller Remodel Without Going Bonkers or Broke in 2017 and then created the online masterclass Ready, Set, Remodel!

I taught for several years on the faculty at Texas A&M University while obtaining my PhD in Architecture. Later I created and taught "Prepare to Remodel" classes for homeowners at the local community college . That's how I got the nickname "professor"!


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