Find, Choose, & Negotiate

with your ideal remodelers.

Online classes that let you remodel with confidence.



Love Your

Remodeling shouldn't be this difficult.

Nobody can afford:


 cost overruns

 poor-quality results

 ending up in a lawsuit

FINDING, CHOOSING and NEGOTIATING with remodelers is where mistakes are made and money is lost.

Eliminate "horror story" results.

If you need these answers...

  Am I well-prepared to remodel?

  How do I find remodelers to interview?

  How do I choose the best  remodeler?

  How do I negotiate my very best deal?

...then you need my classes.

Remodeling made simple

Answers to remodeling's hardest questions.  

Straightforward answers that let you remodel with confidence and peace of mind.

    • Eliminate common mistakes

      Homeowners struggle with remodeling because they don't have unbiased answers to common remodeling questions. My classes give you trustworthy advice so you get the dream results you long for.

    • Save thousands of dollars

      My classes help you save money two ways. You can identify the very best pros to work with (eliminating the bad apples), and also learn how to negotiate your very best deal.

    • Get results you love

      My classes give you the information you need to get the dream results you crave. My goal is that you are still saying "I'm so glad we did this project" for years after it's complete!

    Take a class today and get ready to love where you live.

    I really want you to succeed.


    However, 'hoping things work out' is a poor remodeling strategy.

    Don't put your family (or your investment) at risk.


    It took me about 30 years to learn these techniques.
    But it will only take you about 60 minutes.


    My clients paid thousands to benefit from these methods.
    But you pay only $59.


    You will get great results with my classes.


    As Featured in:

    “Jim, your class is the ultimate guide for any homeowner pursuing a stress-free and successful renovation project.”

    Cristina Tofan

    Tofan Interior Design - Toronto, Canada

    “People terrified of being ripped off by remodelers are going to love this. I know. I was one.”

    Dr. Marlena Corcoran

    New York, New York

    FIND, CHOOSE, & NEGOTIATE with your ideal remodeler!

    CLASS 1

    Qualified Remodelers

    Build a shortlist of well-qualified remodelers to interview about your unique project.


    Identifying the BEST
    contractors is critical.

    CLASS 2

    Your Ideal Remodeler

    The best way to meet, interview, and evaluate your shortlist of remodelers to determine who's ideal for your project.


    Here's how to do it.

    CLASS 3

    Your Very Best Deal

    Use these insider techniques to negotiate with your selected remodeler in order to get the best possible deal.


    It's EASIER than you think!

    Only $59 per class!

    Or... combine and save $59!

    Buy all 3 classes for $118

    Class 1:  FIND

    Class 2: INTERVIEW

    Class 3: NEGOTIATE

    FREE BONUS download with every class!

    The RIGHT WAY to prepare to remodel...

    Create your Project Packet and...

    ✱ Set a realistic project budget

    ✱ Define what 'success' is for your project

     Refine your project 'vision' & share it

     Distinguish between 'needs' and 'wishes'

    ✱ Communicate your vision to your pros

    ✱ Easily organize all your project details

    This process is essential for a successful remodeling project!

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